note: this isn't a full/complete list of all projects i've contributed to, it's a truncated list of the things i'm actually proud of.
This list is sorted by it's start date (descending).
Xenia Bot Website (git repo)
Jan 2024 - Current
Fork of Personal Website v2, with extra features such as;
  • Guides
  • Reusable Blog System
  • Blog System Tags
  • Blog Author System
The previous Xenia Bot website (now offline and private), was just a blog with some links. This new website makes Xenia feel more professional and developed, while acting as a hub for information relating to Xenia.
Personal Website v2 (git repo)
Dec 2023 - Current
Built with PHP, Smarty, and a lot of custom CSS.

Got sick of the whole Javascript ecosystem and I wanted a break and a way to easily combine my blog and my homepage.
Personal Website v1 (see)
Jan 2022 - Nov 2023
Built with Vue.js v2, Bootstrap, and butterchurn.

New versions are published and deployed on every commit with Github Actions and it's hosted with Github Pages.
Xenia Bot (website, github)
Jan 2023 - Current
Another General-purpose FOSS Discord bot written in C# with Discord.NET and MongoDB.

There is also a dashboard available for the bot, written in C# using ASP.NET MVC, MongoDB, OAuth, and Discord.NET.
Custom DRM and Copy Protection
May 2023 - Aug 2023
Unable to demo or explain in details due to this being work at a previous employer.

Custom DRM and Copy Protection written with;
  • Rust (Container for encrypted application, and FileMaker Plugin with fm_plugin crate)
  • C# (.NET 8 AoT for license file generation)
  • FileMaker Pro/Server 19 (Database and License Management)
SixGrid (website, github)
Dec 2020 - Current
A Free and Open-Source Desktop Client for e926 and websites using the same api (like e621) that is built with; Electron with Vue.js for the desktop client which implements Google's Material Design, C# (ASP.NET MVC API) for the Analytic Server.

It also implements Steam integration with Greenworks via a closed-beta.
88x31 (website)
Aug 2022 - Current
A collection of the 88x31 buttons of the past. Similar to what is at the bottom of my homepage.
OpenSoftwareLauncher (github)
Sep 2022 - Jan 2023
Open Software Launcher, an Open-Source framework for developing your own launcher for internal applications.

Created while I was working at Minalyze, in order to find a solution to manage automatic updates, distrubiting betas, quickly deploying and publishing new versions, and managing licenses for their staff and external companies.

Note: Doesn't include launcher since that was made internally at Minalyze.