Streaming Service Content Update

September 17, 2023

First content update that has been this big to deserve a blog post.

I've added a lot more music, and all restrictions have been disabled on for the HALLEYLABS folder.

New Content

  • Grabbitz
    • Friends EP
    • Things Change
    • Time Isn't Real
  • The Prodigy
    • World's on Fire
    • Their Law: the Singles 1990-2005
    • The Fat of the Land
    • The Day Is My Enemy
    • No Tourists
    • Music for the Jilted Generation
    • Invaders Must Die
    • Experience
    • Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned
  • Knife Party
    • 100% No Modern Talking
    • Clever Title Like deadmau5 Would Use
    • Rage Valley
    • Haunted House
    • Boss Mode
    • Abandon Ship
    • Trigger Warning
    • Lost Souls EP
  • Pendulum
    • Pendulum Remixes
    • Hold Your Colour
    • In Silico
    • Immersion
    • The Reworks
  • Far East Recordings
    • Sumo Jungle Grandeur
  • Machine Girl
    • Neon White Soundtrack
    • WLFGRL+

Other Changes


If you would like to request access to my self-hosted Jellyfin or Plex, you can do so by joining my discord server and ping me in the #media-streaming channel.